Moving Towards More Ghosts

Do you want ghosts? Because I totally know how you can scale up an infestation to the point of a good old fashioned haunting. It’s very easy to do and I’m more than capable of laying things out for you in a readily understandable fashion. Where to start though? It’s terribly important that you really think about your setup.

Seriously, we should drill very deep down into the logistics. How are you going to accommodate and cater for this unexpected horde of spiritual presences? Of course it’s hardly as if they need a whole guest bedroom to themselves with that fresh and fancy bedding you’ve been saving for special visitors (in spite of the fact that no matter how many times you extend that friendly invitation to stay no one seems to be all that minded to take you up on it) but you need to make sure that you’re sufficiently welcoming.

So making your abode ghost friendly is of the utmost importance but there are plenty of other things you need to make sure you’ve accomplished. For one thing, if there are any priests, shamans, wizards or garden variety soothsayers among your general acquaintance (not that I’m equating any of those professions – they just happen to have different routes to the same destination, that of communicating with the world of shadows and such) who can perform something along the lines of a seance.

You’ve found a way to talk and thought long and hard the various ways to make it happen. Probably. And it’s downright worn you out now hasn’t it? It’s hard enough to figure out how to keep human visitors happy and now you’re hankering after the appearance of ghosts? What exactly were you expecting to happen if you let such spectres into your life and home? I think you’ve been getting ideas above reality and we should back away from the subject entirely. It’s for the best.

Song choices courtesy of: Rob Simonsen, Les Miserables and Laura Marling


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