Dream Flowers in the Skies

Sometimes, when you look back at a singular moment in time it’s very easy to wonder what on earth you were thinking. Perhaps it’s in the wake of a decision the consequences of which you hadn’t quite considered but have now begun to hit home. But maybe I’m just reflecting on 2016 and wishing circumstances were distinctly other. Let’s move onto slightly less dug over subject matter.

For a completely random example (and not just because I’m breaking off from a mammoth photo sorting effort to quickly dash this off. This is surely an activity with a limited lifetime? How much longer are we going to discover old drawers of antique polaroids with images of you from another time? Before too long you’ll be able to dip whenever you like into digital archives for a lovely old dose of nostalgia. Of course, you’ll be viewing things through something of a filter, literal or otherwise, because it’s more than likely that said snaps will be doctored in one way or another to make you appear in a slightly better light. But I digress, and not entirely on purpose), that moment may have been caught on camera.

So when you’re reflecting on that snippet of time certain thoughts may well spring to mind about what may or may not have been running through your head at the time. It could be perfectly clear that you did not in fact want to have your picture taken and are being somewhat forced by the snapper.

Your expression could easily tell another tale altogether. Despite the fact that you were only a wee nipper at the time, just two or so years old, you appear to be totally off your face. Although you’re there being photographed you’re also completely and utterly away with the fairies, prancing through psychedelic fields and keeping a weather eye out for those famous dream flowers in the skies.

Song choices courtesy of: Depeche Mode, The Lumineers and U2


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