If I Had Snow Jollification

Sometimes, it’s very easy to look at a pile of stuff and come up with, in just a few moments, the thought of alternative items you might prefer. Then again, you may start considering the thoughts and feelings of those who contributed to it and come to the conclusion that yes, you are actually very happy with the presents you’ve received (I happen to have had some excellent gifts. Including a mini glider. And touch screen gloves).

But, because we are creatures cursed with imaginations, your mind may well start to wander adrift in the sea of possibility. You could begin to picture the festive season that might have been. Perhaps it’s one modelled on long gone childhood days that you’ve never quite managed to recapture. Or it could have sprung from an idealised version that’s forever just out of grasp. It may well be that certain factors you have no control over, like the weather, have spoiled matters and no amount of extremely well thought out tokens of affection can make it better.

Don’t you just long for that winter wonderland all the songs have been promising us? There was mention of it being the most wonderful time of the year in spite of the fact that it’s much too cold to venture out of doors. Glittery flakes of magic come streaming from the sky to bless us with snow based lifeforms that will become our friends.

Well, that’s a very disturbing view to take of the holiday season. Can’t you just be happy with the circumstances you’re faced with? Spend some time with your nearest and dearest or if that’s not possible then maybe you can make your time a little more enjoyable by trying to make things better for someone less fortunate. Unless you’re working, in which case, tough break. Merry Christmas everyone!

Song choices courtesy of: Barenaked Ladies, Murray Gold and Thomas Newman


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