Get Stubborn

You’re such a pushover. Someone walks into a situation in your life and they will inevitably feel free to do whatever they want. They might start eyeing up that which you are packing and suddenly take a shine to your worldly goods and possessions. Rather than offering you some sort of fair price in exchange they will simply go ahead and take what they want because they know full well that you won’t put up a fight.

Why on earth would they have formed such an unflattering impression of you? I mean, the idea that you wouldn’t stand up to defend what’s yours is pretty unsettling don’t you think? Of course you agree with me, I knew you were going to do that. You’re so consumed by the impulse to please people that your own interests way too far down the chain of priority. Stop nodding and try your very best to locate your spine. It doesn’t matter if I like you and I really don’t care if you’re in agreement with me or not.

So get stubborn. Dig your heels in and refuse to let absolutely anyone walk all over you. They’re quite certainly not the boss of you and you are in no way allowed any more to give them that impression. You need to start clinging to arbitrary principles, drawing immovable lines in the sand and generally letting people know that you’re not going to be caving in any time soon.

Sure, it’s dangerous to kick this sort of thing off if you don’t have a huge amount of experience in the area. This is precisely how hostage situations get started. You kick things off by not letting someone take a stick of gum off you and things simply spiralled from there. You eventually land behind bars for an escapade you weren’t remotely in control of but you stuck to your guns so that’s definitely something. I guess.

Song choices courtesy of: Tom Howe and The Lumineers


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