We Almost Had Signs

Do you reckon that your life is some sort of slice of movie magic? Obviously, it’s not going to be a high octane action extravaganza but it could be an epically moving drama or an incisive, or indeed acerbic, comedy. Well, at any rate it’s hardly going to be a romcom, perish the very notion. Then again, are you a believer in fate?

You think you’re making your way through life, making all your very own decisions and determining the course of the future of your existence. But you’re ever so slightly misinformed as to the impact of these particular choices. Sadly (or this might come as a blessed relief depending on how things are going for you at the moment. It could be a release to imagine that there’s nothing you could have done to avert the current situation you’re mired in), Lady Fate was tinkering about with all manner of nonsense in your narrative.

What I’m taking an inordinate amount in time in saying is that there are moments in life that you will feel have potential. If a very slightly different path was chosen then a scenario could be arrived at that is a whole world away from what ends up being. Probably. You could look back and wonder what might have been. Or perhaps I’m simply wrapping myself in pointless nostalgia for a time that never was even though I really am pretty damn happy (that sounded a lot more defensive than it needed to be. Seriously though, don’t get me started on my love life, I’ll get smug because it’s excellent).

So when I say that you and I had signs, gentle pointers that we could have been something rather impressive, please don’t read too far into it. I was almost definitely simply imagining things anyway. You’re probably becoming more and more uncomfortable as this paragraph goes on. We should just be friends. Or better yet, casual acquaintances who don’t need to do anything more on meeting than execute a slight nod. Another option is that we run away and never speak again. Kay?

Song choices courtesy of: Emmy the Great and Bloc Party


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