You Are the Butterfly Culture

Now you’re a fine upstanding citizen of the world who pays attention to current events and trends in society, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what the butterfly culture is. Other, less intelligent sorts, would scratch their heads in ill-informed frustration. They’d insist that I spell things out for them to such a degree that we’ll have become bogged down in extraneous detail long before anything approaching a point was allowed to be made. I’m glad you’re my reader rather than one of those simpletons.

Because, really, it would be a shame if butterfly culture had somewhat passed you by given that you’re a rather stunning embodiment of it. Given that we’re both perfectly aware of what it actually is, we can take the liberty of messing around ever so slightly with meaning and examining a few frivolous examples of what it doesn’t but probably could mean.

Butterflies are irrevocably associated with flowers. They spend their days locating the prettiest blooms, sitting around on them and harvesting them for their delicious nectar. One criticism certain types might have of butterflies is that they insist on sleeping during the night when the moon is available for flying towards (not me of course, I’m not a moth). So you might be a florist. The butterfly culture could be an excellent name for a shop from which flowers are purchased.

Of course, there are plenty of other connotations of the word butterfly. Something to do with flying in general perhaps. Or the weird proboscis thing they use for sucking up nourishment (I know that this isn’t perhaps the best environment for bringing up the straw you’ve recently been using for every meal but I honestly didn’t know how else to mention it to you and now I’ve backed myself into a corner and don’t know how to end this). Flutter away you beautiful butterfly you.

Song choices courtesy of: Reindeer Section, Bowling for Soup and Benjamin Francis Leftwich


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