You’re Walking in $1,000,000

Price tags can be somewhat deceiving I’ll have you know. The amount that people are willing to pay for things is rather more subjective than you might have thought, especially when time starts working her mischievous magic on matters. Unsurprisingly, the demanded sum also kind of sort of depends on what the thing is. For example, if it’s something that spoils in some way over time like a delicious cake or the notion of democracy, it’s likely that people will be willing to cough up a little bit more for it at the beginning of its existence.

So sometimes shelf life has an effect on the value of an item. Then again, sometimes goods and services will get better with age. You’d be willing to pay a lot more for the efforts of a trained and experienced hairdresser as opposed to a trembling trainee who isn’t entirely sure which end of the scissors is the cutty bit.

Then there’s the really old stuff. Not people who you simply feel as if they’ve been around forever but things that actually sort of have. Excavate an ancient artefact like some really interesting pottery or maybe a fancy old timey sword and you could have suddenly laid your hands on the thing that is going to make you your fortune. Even property appreciates with age like a fine wine (to a certain extent, if it passes the thousand year mark, you’re more likely to be left with some astronomically costly vinegar). What was a hovel then is a gold mine nowadays.

Even if you feel that things aren’t heading in an entirely optimal direction and you’re next to utterly skint take comfort in the fact that if your shoes survive a couple of millennia some rich collector will stump up premium cash to make them theirs. You’re very valuable, just not right now sadly.

Song choices courtesy of: Murray Gold, Marc Cohn and Barenaked Ladies


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