Settle for the Energy of Laura

Now it’s entirely coincidental that I’m toying around with a character called Laura. Spouting off at any old topic at the drop of a hat is one thing, it’s mostly rooted in fact. Minimal inventiveness is required. Even in a short form story, the character makes nothing more than a fleeting cameo-like appearance. They needn’t be especially thoroughly sketched. They simply happen to be the way they are because that’s how it’s got to be. Or because of some plot.

You don’t need to dive too far into a rich and colourful back story if the person in question just needs to interject a throwaway line and then disappear off into the void of uncreation. Or maybe I’m just busily making excuses for myself rather than getting on with story making only to rapidly abandon the endeavour once I’ve decided it’s irredeemably crap. In a way that’s certainly never happened before and is incredibly unlikely to be repeated.

So why don’t we spend a bit of time with Laura? Oh, it’s nothing like that you filthy minded little pest. For that sort of thing you’d have to stump up some serious cash and then do some tampering with her fictitious past in order to tempt her into the sex industry. Or just max out her libido like she’s some sort of fantasy gal. However, I’d like to remind you that she’s my imagination puppet and I won’t put up with that sort of tampering.

Well, she’s in her earlyish to mid twenties, like me. She’s been single for longer than she’d care to admit, like I used to be. Independent, bit of a worrier, prone to rambling, opinionated inner monologues, talks a good game but isn’t always sufficiently motivated to back it up with action. Yeah, I suppose I didn’t really dig particularly deep for that particular character but they do tell you to write what you know. Come on, who’s intrigued?

Song choices courtesy of: Santino Fontana, The Script and Bastille


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