Freeze the Alternative California

As events diverge somewhat from what you hoped for and, in all honesty, expected it’s always tempting to wonder what might have been. With physics being the sultry little minx that it is (technical term, you can totally go and look it up if you’ve got some free time on your hands) we all know that there are parallel universes out there where what might have been actually is. There is a dimension locked away between layers of the cosmos where Hillary is swanning around as the first ever lady President-Electess.

Of course, the nature of quantum reckoning means that there are other alternative universes where Obama never made it to the oval office and another entirely lacking in shrimp and many more besides. Too many to contemplate in fact so let’s focus on the one where Trump stomped off to lick his wounds in a gold plated apartment sufficiently sealed that he can spritz hairspray to his heart’s content without impacting the ozone layer. Probably.

Just picture that bountiful utopia. The will of the people was respected in spite of outside meddling courtesy of certain foreign powers. The surging tide of white nationalism and rampant xenophobia magically melted away. People didn’t have to worry that the incoming leader of America was going to sell the country up the river just for the sake of a discount on some supposedly luxury skyscraper in Turkey or Taiwan or what have you.

Over the course of the next four years, whenever the darkest timeline that is our reality seems especially bleak, you can picture this paradise. It’s only in your head, it can be whatever you want. And then get out there and stand up and fight for what’s right and that. In the hope that you get to be reincarnated in the lovely alternative California frozen in time and waiting for you.

Song choices courtesy of: Ramin Djiwadi, Emmy the Great, Barenaked Ladies and U2


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