Escaping the Happy Masterclass

There’s nothing worse than enforced felicity is there? If you really want to fold yourself up into a knotty sulky grump then that is quite certainly your very own prerogative. Case in point (feel free to read here, thing I thought of earlier and have been trying to figure out a way to crowbar into this piece ever since), if you feel the need to label a reminder as friendly, it isn’t.

Sure, it doesn’t need to be about me, some people require gentle nudging, a well meant poke and the odd sign wafted under their nose to let them know that time is running out for obligatory activities like present buying or making good on that favour you owe someone or other. That’s fine, people really do have fallible memories (I’m perfect of course, should a matter slip my mind then it almost definitely wasn’t very important or interesting in the first place and we should all probably move on, alright?).

So, we’ve learnt that reminders are a sadly vital part of our busy modern lives. However, slipping the friendly in there adds a whole new dimension of passive aggression. Rather than sitting and stewing when confronted with such harsh punishment it’s up to you to stand up for yourself. Back away from the puffed up brigade, plastered with false grins and determined to paint life with an Instagram sheen.

Be genuine, tell everyone what you really reckon. If you resent the insinuation that you’ve missed the boat on Secret Santa (as a totally random instance that is, a nerve of mine has in no way been stuck. Even if I didn’t come up with anything especially fabulous for less than ten pounds) then shout and scream. People will probably stop dropping hints around you after that. They’ll almost definitely leave you alone entirely.

Song choices courtesy of: Michael Giacchino and Tom Howe


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