The Biggest Fairytale Lovers

Sure it’s great to have an open mind, to be optimistic and hopeful for the future of whatever (cynicism definitely hasn’t set in, there’s no reason to give up on what might euphemistically be referred to as tomorrow. I suppose it probably remains tomorrow even if you’re not sure it’ll be especially sunny. In a way that has nothing whatsoever to do with the weather). On the other hand, it’s more than possible to take this ever so slightly too far.

So to take a completely random example of folk who will remain nameless (and not just because I made them up), there are those who subscribe to every tall tale in the book. And they aren’t afraid to spread it about. I’m sure they mean very well but it gets a bit dangerous, especially when you’re around impressionable minds than can be ever so slightly influenced by magical things they hear.

If people start genuinely believing that Father Christmas or the Tooth Fairy is absolutely definitely coming whenever you chip a molar or December rolls around then, let’s just say that you might be in for a disappointment at some point. Or not. Maybe they just skipped your house because you weren’t such a virtuous individual this year. Or they were on a date. Just imagine the jolly fellow out on the town in a romantic setting.

I fear we’ve taken something of a tangent and I can only blame the elf beavering away in one of the vague recesses of my mind. It’s fine, she made her home there recently when she was forced out by her parents, the king and queen of the elven contingent. They were terribly disappointed when she fell in love with a gnomish prince, she later traded her eyesight to an evil witch in a move that was supposed to bring her joy but sadly didn’t quite. She’ll be fine though, she has three wishes left.

Song choices courtesy of: Weird Al Yankovic, The Pogues and Dashboard Confessional


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