Pounds Jumps After Hit New Records

When these negotiations come to pass (and by hook or by crook because some people have decided that’s the way it’s got to be, they almost definitely will do) the people involved have to make sure they’re bringing all the correct information to the table. Contrary to what some might like to think, in many ways we’re really not one of the big players any more.

We’re not the leaders in manufacturing, not captains of industry or whatever it is that people like to whisper to themselves at night to comfort their roaming thoughts. There’s a reason why mining and even steel and similar industries aren’t quite what they used to be. Other countries can do it cheaper, better, stronger, faster, what have you. This isn’t a tragedy (as glib as that might be to families impacted by closures and job losses, no one said it was a perfect world or anything approaching it), it’s how development works.

Luckily, no one has to work as a night soil worker taking effluence away from individual homes thanks to the introduction of modern plumbing and the sewer system (I like history, it’s fascinating and has the added bonus of making you feel glad to be living in the present even in such a crappy year as this). It’s a painful process and it’s next to impossible to future proof your career (though that might come across as slightly sanctimonious as a technical writer – people are always going to need manuals to work their beeping trinkets).

I’m sure I had a point originally… oh yes. We don’t really do making stuff in bulk any more. But boy can we sing. Not everyone, not me. However, we have plenty of worthy entries in the hit parade and it’s going to stay that way. Plus films, those are pretty cool and look at all the great telly we do. Yep, we’ve definitely still got plenty of cards worth playing.


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