Warning on UK’s Child Sexting

Before we plunge into a round of indictment and wringing accusations down upon the heads of the younger generation let’s take a moment or two to consider whether that’s what is really meant by the UK’s child. After all, in the days of empire we laid claim to a whole mess of land masses and insisted on making them our very own. Is America the rebellious teenager who, in their very act of trying to go their own way, have ended up rather more like their parents than they had intended? Am I labouring this metaphor far too much already?

Obviously, this is complete nonsense. But it’s also worth remembering that we’re all one human race or whatever sickening way you feel like framing it. As such, if children on our own little island are getting up to something or other in particular, it’s highly likely that such an activity is captivating the sprogs of another set of shores entirely. We’re hardly all that original as a people so ideas tend to hold sway once they’ve initially caught on.

So, teens are sending each other filth. This really isn’t anything new whatever you might think. Not that I have anything to report from my time spent languishing between the ages of thirteen and twenty (I’m a lady, I’d never descend to anything so uncouth. It has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that no one was interested. Can we get off the subject please). As it’s so wont to do, technology is enabling this variety of discourse like never before.

Of course, once you hit the magical age of eighteen, everything becomes absolutely fine. You can swan off to war, run for election under the banner of putting things to rights (it might actually be twenty one but I’m making a point so there) but running everything into the ground when you get there and send whatever suggestively nasty messages you like. Well, it’s good to have goals isn’t it? Shame this whole thing is so difficult to police really.


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