Fury as Corrie Axed for Healthy Women

Given the current state of play, all you need to do is to leave a completely normal average person alone in a room for five minutes or even less if you feel the need to prove and point and you’re feeling especially daring. By the time you come back to them, they’ll have found something or other to work themselves into a blind rage over. It doesn’t even have to be anything real, the inside of their own head will be more than enough to have them seeing red. That and the fact that you’ve had the nerve to label them as merely average.

Outside of such controlled settings rage can often need some variety of spur. More often that not it’s a change of some description to the current status quo. The very moment someone gets wind of a shifting tide is the instance they’re already sharpening their arguments and getting ready to tear someone’s head off. It’s just the way it goes. And once they’re there it’s incredibly difficult to talk them down with even the most reasonable and logical of persuasive efforts.

For example, it was suggested by some telly exec that rather than depending on airing a soap opera crammed with dysfunctional relationships and outlandish incidents they think about putting together a slightly different slice of programming. One that might daringly attempt to portray some moderately together women making good decisions in their love lives and career trajectories. Cue mindless panic and fury the likes of which you’re unlikely to survive.

How dare channels tell us what to watch? How could they so warp and subvert what I can only assume to be (I’ve never watched Coronation Street and can’t help but feel that my life is fuller without it. Oh dear, I might have ticked someone off with such a controversial statement) simply fabulous exploits? The nerve. Now repeat four or five Christmas adverts ad nauseam and help us load up the car with unnecessary tat. Tis the season. Almost.


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