Deep Freeze Colder than Pension Shock

I’m not sure how sympathetic my generation will manage to be in future. Sure, no one likes the thought of little old dears shivering away in the increasingly chilly onslaughts brought about the gift that keeps on giving in climate change. And yeah, it must suck to be confronted with the news that you’ll have to keep on working beyond the point that you were previously promised. How you will ever be able to cope with the knowledge that you’ve been well and truly shafted by the people at the top?

I can picture it now. The minute you were able, well before you left full-time education for good, you plunged headfirst into the workforce. Maybe you jaunted off to university (thanks to grants and a total lack of fees that was a perfectly justifiable thing to do to further your prospects in life) or perhaps you kept working away at the coalface of whatever profession you found yourself in. Throughout that time you were only too happy to surrender that portion of your earnings demanded by the government in the form of taxes.

You may very well have pictured those funds going towards the cheery miracle of the National health service or possibly towards the schools your children attended or even to resurfacing and maintaining roads. Probably not straight into the pockets of bankers and the like but surely even such evil seeming enterprises are for the overall good of the economy? You watched those ahead of you happily retiring and skipping off into years of well earned leisure time doing crosswords and expensive foreign excursions.

All that time you planned out precisely what you were going to do in that time. Only to be confronted with this particular little slice of harsh truth. I really wouldn’t waste too much time worrying about it all though – the deep freeze is coming. Whether that turns out to be a hastily triggered ice age only the hardiest of us will survive or an icy scourge that will see off a swathe of scrounging elders under the false impression that they deserve to be able to afford to keep their abodes toasty warm even in the height of summer. What goes around comes around I expect.


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