May Carries on Scourge of the West

I mean, I know she’s in a stunningly inappropriate position to take up this particular mantle but she made a promise to someone very important to her and when she means them, boy does she stick to a pledge. Of course they mean next to nothing to her when she’s spouting platitudes to mollify a gullible public but when Theresa doesn’t haver her fingers tightly crossed behind her back she is one hell of a trustworthy lady.

Then again, when you think about it another way, as the British Prime Minister Mrs May is is currently doing a job that offers her manifest opportunities to wreak havoc on the West in ways that have never been seen before. Perhaps she knew before this weekend that Fidel was shuffling off the mortal coil. The moment she realised what was to come she set events in motion so that she could launch her leadership bid amidst the surly winds of change. Forcing through Brexit is just one of the ways she’ll bring western civilisation to its knees.

Right about now you might be ever so slightly confused. You’re sufficiently out of the loop that you believed that Theresa May and Fidel Castro never actually met. Had you heard of the relationship at all you leapt straight towards the notion that it was a romantic encounter. Perhaps you imagined some feverish liaison that came to a sticky end (bad choice of words, please stop picturing it, dunk your head in bleach whilst whistling the national anthem and let’s get on with our lives).

It was really more of a mentorship than anything else. Castro was surprisingly willing to take the English white lady under his wing. He could well have been taking the long view and he’d certainly be correct to have done so since Theresa is making good on her vow to scourge the west like never before now he’s gone.


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