Plan to Sabotage Spending Frenzy

Somewhat surprisingly, it’s a hell of a lot easier than you might think to spend money you don’t actually have. Even if you’re looking to do so for genuinely benevolent reasons. At a certain point in time I imagine I may well submit and decide that I really ought to get a credit card. Simply in order to improve my credit score of course. In order to secure one of those excellent crippling loans I’m yet to take out. I have to mould myself into an upstanding member of society who can definitely be trusted with vast sums of money. In the way that bankers are and next to no one else is.

However it might be that you somehow manage to start, it’s a slippery slope from thereon in. You begin by convincing yourself that you deserve a thing, be it luxury holidays to far flung corners of the globe, handbags with other people’s names on that ludicrously inflate the price for no readily discernible reason or the latest item of technological wizardry. Once you hold it in your arms or experience it for yourself it’s a wonderful feeling. And then the shine disappears, you become bored with it or merely return to earth with something of an almighty thud. That’s when you set about questing for your next high.

And commence spirals. Now that you’ve become an unstoppable monster of the commercial world someone is quite definitely going to have to put a halt to such destructive behaviour. Possibly by cutting up your plastic passes to unparalleled wealth or buying up the stock before you can lay your grubby mitts on it. They might even go old school by chaining you up in the basement until the retail urge has passed you by. I’ve definitely never considered doing such a thing to you. Or drawn up detailed plans for such an endeavour.


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