So Much for Brexit Decision

I’ve seen it asked online why aren’t we angrier? An elected official was murdered by a white supremacist and on the barest of margins we’re plunging into crippling debt thanks to the European exit (bearing in mind of course that had the result gone the other way to that same degree the opposition vowed not to accept it and that it wouldn’t be enough to let the matter rest).

I’ve seen more than one argument that the losers in both the American election and the British referendum are being too gracious in defeat. I’m not entirely certain that’s the case (well mannered riot anyone?) but the other side were guns ablaze about how they wouldn’t take a loss lying down. So we arrive at that old chestnut, is bad behaviour justified simply because you’re convinced that ‘they’ would have done the same thing or worse if placed into a set of circumstances matching yours?

Probably not, there is something to be said for conducting yourself with a certain level of grace. The world may crumble around you, populations descend into chaos and everything might become more than a little bit messed up but you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you behaved like a freaking lady (or gentleman if that happens to be your persuasion).

I’m starting to feel more and more convinced that anger might be the way to get things done. Kicking back against the system, the changes you don’t like happening in the world. Wait a minute, yep, acting like that is essentially what landed us in this mess in the first place. So there’s definitely got to be a better solution. Learned discourse with plenty of fact checking? Eruditely convincing others that your position is the correct one? Literally anything else than spouting off about it on the internet? Who knows? I really should probably start donating to some worthy causes for starters.


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