Show Your Passport for New Threat to Europe

Even though it seems like a very dark night indeed before a dawn that will bring literal lakes of fire and unprecedented bloodshed onto the scene (no one’s being melodramatic, this is the world we live in now), there are plenty of rays of light that ought to give us hope. For one thing, I’m way more informed than I’ve ever been before. I now know about the meaning of the word emolument and the impact of the fledgling Trans-Pacific Partnership being smacked down come January.

We’re entering a new era, unlike anything we’ve seen before (in spite of the Nazi salutes and people questioning whether or not the Jewish are actually people. Hint: yes, obviously, how is this even a question and why are you not thoroughly ashamed of yourself for asking?). Forget those advancements made for people of colour or those of a non Jesus saturated religion. As a very middle class white lady, I’m clearly one of many who’ve had it far too good for at least an age and a half too long.

But just being a white man might not be enough to distinguish you as a brand new captain of industry, ruler of the community or whatever position of authority they do so desire. Bearing the nationality of one of a handful of designated countries ought to do it.

Really, this is an ideal way of extending opportunities to more folk than you might have initially expected. If you applied for citizenship ten or so years ago and it’s finally been granted then you’re one of the acceptable migrants and can be granted access to the new world order. Everyone else is fresh out of luck. Doesn’t everything feel so great now? When women are being harassed for wearing headscarves, swastikas adorn public walls and loathsome leeches are being touted as ideal candidates for British Ambassadors?

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