New Rules Squeeze Holy Grail of Genetics

How on earth are the mad scientists supposed to make progress any more? With these vast swathes of rules and regulations based on your own stunted version of so-called ethics you’re severely retarding the efforts of various entirely well meaning researchers. If you can’t sew a pouch of jelly into a monkey’s abdominal cavity how are you meant to study several related effects? It’s madness I tell you.

Without these stringent instructions regarding what you can and cannot do within the confines of a supposedly authorised laboratory shedloads of discoveries could quite definitely have been made by now. Cures for all sorts of nasty diseases, energy sources far more powerful and renewable than those we insist on ploughing on with nowadays and methods for getting popcorn kernels out from between your teeth without having to pull so many strange faces. And plenty more.

But no, everyone was much happier swaddling their blinkered minds in the petty comforts that no lesser minds were harmed or whatever. I’m already getting tired of pretending to have this opinion. However, it is fair to say that people shouldn’t really be passing laws or imposing guidelines if they don’t understand the implications of what they’re doing or the efforts they’re curtailing. Someone somewhere in a less than entirely well known university faculty might have uncovered the holy grail of genetics (it’s fun to use buzz words, they make everything really clear don’t they?) but be unable to act on their discovery thanks to unwelcome regulations.

And now, for the sake of appearing to be doing absolutely anything, a brand new plethora of regulations has been dumped on the unsuspecting heads of hitherto unsuspecting scientists. Because it’s very easy to decide you think a thing is wrong simply because it sounds like something you faintly recognise and know is bad. Consider the opposite, ethnic cleansing sounds like an interesting new spa regimen but is a horrific crime against humanity. Educate yourselves, it’s the only way. Probably.

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