Stamp Duty is Now Top Killer

If you can barely scrape together the funds for a thing, you definitely can’t afford it. The all important ten per cent deposit may well be the headline act but there are plenty of other performers on the bill ready and able to bump up the price of admission (bad analogy but I’m going somewhere with this. Probably. Otherwise it’s just a laboured metaphor that was run into the ground shortly before I came up with it).

You know the sort of thing, pesky types like estate agents and surveyors and solicitors who for some strange reason insist on being paid for their services. And then there’s stamp duty. Almost everything else we buy (not true but twisting the facts helps to support my argument and if the recent developments in politics have taught me nothing – sadly they haven’t but we’re all too fragile to go into this sort of thing right now – it’s that this variety of behaviour is fine so long as you convince people you’re correct) has its tax already included in the ticket price.

But this is not the case with property. Monopoly has proved to be an utterly misleading element in my childhood. Although, it definitely shows how quickly people become bastards once they have the opportunity to fleece renters. And it just gets worse once they escalate to hotels. I do apologise, I’m digressing. It’s just that the longer I talk about this the less time we’ll have for considering anything else.

Once you’ve calculated what you reckon is your required figure for your deposit you’ll have to double it. Because the banks can’t quite bring themselves to be as generous as they used to be for some reason. And double it again because of all those irksome extra costs like stamp duty. It’s enough to make you want to faint. Or something even worse.



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