Tories Split Over Secret Plan

One of the less publicised parts of being in power is that you really do have to prepare for the worst. And plenty of other circumstances that aren’t exactly the worst but are still somewhat less than optimal. Like earthquakes and stuff like that. Possibly riots and other similarly life affirming events. Someone has to know what to do in these situations and it’s hardly likely to be any of us now is it? Oh don’t give me that face.

These plans were laid down rather a long time ago and, barring updating and crafting alterations (it’s only in recent times that we’ve had to worry about upsets along the theme of rise of the machines. Black Mirror has been very helpful indeed in devising defences against the hypothetical. Charlie Brooker may or may not have been drafted in for consultation work), they’ve remained largely the same regardless of who happens to be in office.

But now there are arguments over the most secret of plans. There are plenty of those currently occupying key government roles who are reticent about declaring a state of emergency. They’re convinced that the worst is yet to come and if they’ve already wasted the omega contingent (or however they’ve designated the plan) on less than dire circumstances then it’ll be the end of everything and we’ll all just die (they bridle at the very notion you’d ever label them as drama queens).

Others want us to hang on, it’ll all be fine, we definitely shouldn’t be worried about a thing. Then there’s another faction who want to redraft every last plan because they want to make sure that they get the most out of it possible. You try and be remotely egalitarian with this sort of thing and the most unexpected folk end up suffering. Of course, it’s difficult to get second opinions on this sort of thing because everything has to be so very secret.


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