EU Warns May Over Buying Baby Milk

She’s desperate not to be Thatcher. As a lady Prime Minister she has to cut her own way in life, forge her own path and be master of her personal destiny. It might even be touching if she wasn’t bent on doing it by hoiking us out of the EU as forcefully as possible in spite of the very slimmest of majorities. Of course it’s difficult to know nowadays how you’re going to make your stamp on history. I suppose she feels that now she’s committed to the course she’s going to follow it through come hell or high water.

But she’s definitely going to be a bigger badder female head of the nation. Anything Maggie did, Theresa’s going to do her damnedest to do the opposite of. Sadly, reopening the mines might not be the very best of policies so that’s a no go. It would be far too overt to reinvigorate that industry just for the sake of subverting the reputation of a dead politician.

Milk though, that’s a thing that was big then and still plays a pretty major part of daily life. Can’t have a classic and traditional British cup of tea without milk. Or porridge, it’s just not the same if you make it with water rather than milk, somehow joyless and not half as tasty and sustaining of a wintry morning. We’re the English, famed around the world for smelling of our beloved dairy products. Apparently.

However, children get given milk as part of a normal school day. Or at least they did when I was enrolled in primary education and I see no reason to think that anything’s changed since those halcyon days. And who really needs more milk than that during an ordinary day? Ordinary workaday lactose based fluid from a cow simply isn’t going to cut the mustard. Baby milk though, that’s not a terrible idea that will only end in badness, no matter what the nannying EU might have to say about the matter.


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