Farage to be my Maggie

Heaven save me from smug white men who truly believe they’ve been proved right by various current events. A nervous nation may be able to free themselves of President Trump in four years time (or he may well prove to be an excellent stooge for nefarious sorts behind the scenes pulling all the strings. Who may or may not have Russian accents) but we’ll never see the back of Farage.

For as long as I can remember (since 2015 basically but I think we’re all somewhat exhausted by recent events), Farage has been playing electoral hokey cokey. He’s in, he’s out, he’s all over the place resigning and then popping up again as soon as humanly possible. Forget Theresa May or whichever moderately reasonable leader might replace her in the mid to near future, they are no longer the important component in the supposedly special relationship.

Farage will be Thatcher to Trump’s Reagan. His Blair to his Bush. You would kind of hope that they’d keep this role play, wigs and all, behind closed doors rather than acting it out on the world stage. I’m sure Trump will know exactly where to source the wigs from though. And Farage will undoubtedly be only too eager to exact his pound of flesh for all that smarmy electioneering during the campaign.

On a something of a side note though, even if Trump doesn’t live up to the hateful message he’s been spouting, even if he turns around, proves it really was all an act and does his very best to be a moderately respectable politician, there’s no turning back. He capitalised on hate and fear and anger and the bile is bounding free. Swastikas have been popping up, people don’t feel safe anymore and we have to take accountability for the world we’re living in now. At least we have such a bastion of respectability and respectfulness in our corner as Farage. Oh.


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