Now the Wall Will Be Built

I really don’t understand the wall. Maybe it’s got something to do with the various facts that I don’t live in America, don’t have an especial problem with the free movement of people and can’t help but feel it just won’t work. Ladders, planes, tunnelling devices, these are the items that President Trump will spend his term attempting to embargo.

I’ve seen the John Oliver segment (obviously I’ve seen all the John Oliver pieces, he is my oracle for satire and I’m on tenterhooks to see what he makes of this mess. I think I’m becoming something of a bigger and better person in that it no longer feels that the world is crashing and burning. He’s only president-elect, his years in office probably isn’t going to make all that much of a difference to my life living over here in merry old England. Famous last words) where he delves into the various ins and outs of the reality of building a wall.

It’ll cost billions. Then more on top of that because this is more than a backyard DIY project. A thousand miles long, high enough to deter people from sauntering over it on a whim and constructed from materials that hopefully won’t disintegrate all that quickly and will need to be maintained nonetheless against such nuisances as the weather. Also, as far as I understand it, the bulk of immigration doesn’t actually come across the border. They fly in. Next Donald will look to outlaw those mysterious metal birds who bring in foreigners and disease.

Come what may, the wall will be built. It served as a conveniently catchy campaign promise and in the coming months and years will prove that he’s getting stuff what he promised done. And when it’s scrapped in two and a half years thanks to soaring costs and doubling estimates it will be his very own memorial. Just like he wanted.


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