6p Breast Cancer Pill GPs Deny Gives Clinton Edge Over Trump

Because if the ladies aren’t entirely consumed by the concerns caused by foreboding lumps in their breasts then they might actually get it together to make their way to the polls. And get it into their silly lady brains that a woman is equipped with the wherewithal to lead a nation with far greater global standing than Germany or Britain. It’s not like it’s a rigged system or anything. Odds haven’t been stacked against any particular minority or gender. You’ve been subscribing to conspiracy theories again haven’t you? Oh very dear.

Unlike most aspects of women’s medicine, this is simple and inexpensive. This isn’t a case of forcing the development of contraceptive methods for men when perfectly acceptable ones exist for women with negligible side effects and after all it’s a lady thing we’re trying to prevent. It’s hardly as if men can get pregnant so why should they have to inconvenience themselves as if it were some sort of crime to have some lovely sex?

All the women folk would have to do is pop a little pill and they’d never have to worry about chestal region cancer ever again. Then they’d get to carry on with the vital businesses of sitting on horses sideways and getting their mates into the highest office the world has to offer. And the doctors simply won’t let it happen.

On a relatively tangential side note, I want you to think about something. The ink is already drying (because of the momentous nature of the news at play, journalists felt that it was far more fitting to deploy quill pens rather than the more currently traditional computers) on two very different stories. One where she swept to victory and another where he wormed his way to power. Tomorrow, whatever you wanted to happen, just picture yourself reading the one that wasn’t published and imagine precisely how you feel about it. Either way. The road less travelled. Like when Brexit happened and some of us pretended for the rest of recorded time that it didn’t. La la la.


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