Rush Brexit Through Parliament as US Race Enters Frantic Final Phase

It has already begun. Just as I feared, I had to sift through multiple newspaper headlines that were practically identical (Hillary Clinton has been cleared by the FBI so it’s lovely to know that particular little hiccup was entirely unjustified. Fingers resolutely crossed that it hasn’t derailed things entirely. Trump has been spouting on and on about how the election’s been rigged after all, he just didn’t mean that it was in his own favour) before finding the items in which the press has something else to talk about.

What better way for our government to capitalise on the democratic theatre than to sneak through a few sneaky items of legislature? Sure, people have issues regarding the recent judgement that Brexit debates have to go through the commons before all that nonsense about triggering Article 50 goes ahead (I believe that’s the story, my eyes have rolled so far back into my head over people’s reactions that I may not have been able to read the news item in full). But that was last week, we’re ramping up into the most crucial moments of the American election.

A lot of people (you know, in the same way that when Trump says a lot of people think a certain thing he simply means just himself) are far too absorbed by events across the Atlantic to keep their eyes glued to the BBC Parliament. If they do it properly, covertly and with minimal heraldry, the Conservatives can make a lot of surprising things happen without us even noticing. Not that I’m endorsing such naughty behaviour or wish to give them pointers.

It’s a well documented fact (this inventions of pointless scare stories lark is a lot easier than I thought. I may start doing this more often. Not for any reason or to further any nefarious aims of course…) that in moments when a country’s attention is directly somewhere else altogether, the folk in charge can slip all sorts of things under the rug. You don’t want to know what went down during the Olympics.


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