May is not for Sex Scandal

The Americans are making us look ever so boring. Sure, we’re exposing a total lack of professionalism in some of their candidates for office but there will always be those who appreciate the theatre of politics. How could we possibly compete with the spectacle of their election bonanza? Admit it, you can hardly bear to tear your eyes away from the car crash going down on the other side of the pond.

Just because Trump is steadfastly dedicated to bucking the trend doesn’t mean that other potential and current public servants can break away from the need to have an altogether spotless reputation. How could we take a leader seriously if we found out that they were stepping out on their other half or harboured racist, sexist or similarly despicable views in the comfort of their own homes? Of course Donald is avoiding all this by airing these opinions in public but that doesn’t mean that anyone else would be able to get away with it. The man is bulletproof.

Our noble and virtuous leader of a prime ministeress is another kettle of fish entirely. She couldn’t get herself embroiled in a racy kerfuffle if she hopes to continue as the head of our nation. No matter how caught up her heart might get with a particular thoroughly unsuitable fellow. A cool head must prevail in this situation if the government is not to fall. Just imagine the headlines if May ended up as some chap’s Prime Mistress.

No, she won’t be following the siren lure of the hormone driven thing that lurks downstairs. She’s British after all, we’re famed the world over for our stiff upper lip and repressed sensibilities. It’s far better to lead us in the merry dance of world politics than to be happy and secure in your romantic life. Right?


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