How To… Let the Journey Begin

I know you’re nervous. There’s a journey waiting ahead of you like some sneakily malevolent beast, ready to spring many varieties of ill upon you, sweet unsuspecting fool that you are. You will almost definitely have a sweeping barrage of reasons to be poised to sally forth on an impending journey.

There are the lovely exciting reasons like embarking on a lovely foreign excursion or the very first day of a new job you’re more than ready to start. Even if you haven’t completely familiarised yourself with the commute and you’re already running behind. And that holiday, when you booked the hotel you were beyond psyched. However, between then and now you’ve allowed one or two things to slide and aren’t completely certain if you’ve secured all the proper documentation like visas and insurance or even activities.

We’re not even going to get into the worrisome, fear inducing journey reasons right now. The ones that are gut punching to contemplate. Oh sorry, have I worried you? Well, you shouldn’t work yourself up like this. There’s simply no reason for your subconscious to force all these knotty twists and turns when it’s all really very easy. There are very many instructional guides out there telling you all varieties of preparation you ought to make. These are wholly unnecessary.

Enter into the spirit of the whole thing. Buy yourself a captain’s hat (the only equipment you will actually ever need for any voyage, excursion or travellation) and set it at a thoroughly jaunty angle. Rather than stockpiling useless ephemera like insect repellent or a high tech waterproof layer that wicks moisture away or whatever other flashy gear they try to flog you at the outbound shop just get out there. Go out into the world, it’s all good. Throw caution to the wind and let the journey begin.

Let the journey begin – Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly


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