How To… Work it Out

The problem is staring you in the face. It sits there malevolently, thumbing its nose at you as it’s fully aware that it’s got you beat and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s so very safe in the knowledge that you could gaze at it for years on end and never get any further towards what you so laughingly term a solution. Someone better than you, smarter, quicker and more inclined to ask for help could arrive at the answer but you’re not them are you? You’re thicker than a block of wood infused with clotted sap or something of that order.

But pleasantries aside, let’s just get this done shall we? It can’t be that difficult, especially as it’s not that big an issue. It’s totally surmountable and all you’ve been doing for the past fifteen minutes is making things that much harder for yourself. While this is a distinct character flaw it’ll have to be addressed another time because we’ve got a thorny thicket of untowardness to power our way through.

For starters, we can boil down whatever problem you’re having into its constituent components. Once the bits are piled up in front of you it’s a simple matter to examine the digestible chunks and arrange them in order of your ability to figure out whether or not you can achieve their solution. Or something. After you’ve compulsively organised your way through the building blocks of the bigger issue you can get down to the business of working it out.

Head scratching has been categorically proven to optimise cognitive processes so itch away until you’ve got everyone convinced that you’re positively infested with lice. Furrow that brow too so that the impending wrinkles will add to your general aura of wisdom. Then pay someone more talented who’s less invested in your problem to do it for you. You can now pretend that this was your plan all along and get everyone else to marvel at your brilliance.

Work it out – Beyonce


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