How To… Fight the Power

They told you that you were on no account to put your finger anywhere near the socket. There were excuses and half hearted explanations about how you’d wind up electrocuting yourself. They lied. Obviously. I can’t believe you bought it though. Maybe this advice just isn’t for you, you’re sufficiently weak willed to have walked away from your destiny in the first place. Oh don’t give me that hangdog expression, you know full well it’s not going to work on me. Tell you what, I’ll give you the run down of what’s going on and you can go forward making your own decisions.

If you were to do the brave thing of jamming something metal into a socket, rather than experiencing the sting of mains electricity coursing through your veins, you’d find yourself on a battleground. Your opponent, the power, is admittedly a daunting foe but you’re more than capable of winning. Haven’t you ever seen a film? You know the sort of thing, where you cross your heart and start having faith in yourself and a mystical energy surges from seemingly nowhere. It’ll totally happen.

Fine, maybe fighting the power doesn’t have to be quite that literal. But, you’ve got to admit that it would definitely be satisfying. Shortly before I start being inundated with legal threats thanks to that highly shonky advice. Whatever, let’s fight a different variety of power in an alternative fashion.

You could initiate a stern letter writing campaign letting the governing politicians know that you quite certainly don’t approve of what’s going on. Or post cutting things about them in an online forum. Anything else would require a more concerted effort and a higher level of organisation than I think you’re up for. Plus, you’re a teensy bit too weedy to be especially effective in a more physical arena. No offence. Oh, what are you going to do? Fight me? Get real.

Fight the power – Public Enemy


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