How To… Get Your Rocks Off

I think it’s safe to say that every now and then we’re entitled to just a little bit of fun. We work hard. Definitely. Sure, for the most part we’re hardly slaving away at the coalface and the majority of us have relatively cushy office jobs that don’t take as much out of us as we might want to pretend. And we have the indulgences of holidays and weekends. Nevertheless, we are perfectly entitled to pursue whatever behaviour we please in the name of relaxation or elation. We’ve got to make life worth living after all.

So, you’ve got some rocks. Slabs of heavy material settled on your shoulders, weighing you down, holding you back and making life a general misery. Poor you. I’m certain we can all well understand the need to get away from it all. Not that I’m imminently planning an escape attempt, that would be strange and I definitely shouldn’t be dropping any hints about it. Perhaps I should abruptly change topic in order to get us some of the way back on track.

These rocks you have, let’s figure out a way to get them all of the way off you. Maybe you’re an adrenaline junkie, you look to blow away the cobwebs by going in for activities where there’s a very real chance you might well wind up dead. Not that anyone’s judging anybody else. Even if they insist on chucking themselves out of helicopters and wind up seven shades of grisly. Or get lost on moors and mountains and rely on people deploying various resources to save them. I’m clearly just jealous.

You absolutely can achieve precisely the same effect by curling up with a good book. Maybe a glass of something imported and expensive if you’re feeling really daring. Or you know, maybe get out of the house to sample some of that glorious culture I’ve been hearing so much about. Or geography. Landscapes are kind of cool I suppose.

Get your rocks off – Bob Dylan


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