How To… Draw the Line

To be honest, there are a few different titles I could have picked to try and fit with what I wanted to talk about. I’d be lying if I said it truly mattered of course, I’d just hate to deviate from my carefully cultivated format. It’s hardly as if this is real advice anyway. There should have been an indelible line drawn long before now, how on earth did we allow things to progress to this state of affairs?

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m angry. There are plenty of things for me to trouble my pretty little head over. Before we arrived at this point, there have been plenty of things said that I could get perfectly well disgusted over. It is, however, the abortion rhetoric that’s really got my goat. ‘Babies ripped from their mothers in the ninth month, the last day’ or words to that effect.

As with many other subjects, Mr Trump, you do not know what you are talking about. And yet people are listening to you and are willing to believe the toxic lies you spout. I am lucky enough to have never had to contemplate this sort of heart breaking decision and yet I feel infinitely more qualified to talk about it because I have done the research. Not all of it, I’m not claiming to be anything remotely in the vicinity of expert but I’ve read and written about this subject and I know that you are so very far out of your depth.

This isn’t something that happens lightly, it’s not a common occurrence and it’s a hell of a big deal. Terminating a pregnancy isn’t something most of us will understand and to vilify the women who go through it is downright twisted. There are longed for children who have conditions incompatible with life – this is one of the most compelling reasons for an abortion post twenty four weeks. A child who might only have hours outside of the womb. Are you so desperate to win that you can’t take a moment to look at this situation with a shred of humanity. Your scaremongering is unwelcome in this arena, especially when you fail to understand the situation. So do shut up.

There’s so much more to discuss. But it should be done with respect and deference to families who’ve gone through more than most of us can even contemplate, whether or not you would have done the same in that situation. Draw the line and walk away. Crawl back into your hole and stop pretending that you have any business making decisions for circumstances you’ll never appreciate the gravity of.

Draw the line – Aerosmith


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