How To… Look Good in Blue

Oh, don’t fret my little flower, you look good in pretty much anything. I’d say you look thoroughly excellent when you’re not wearing so much as a stitch if I wasn’t wary of wandering into altogether far too lascivious territory. But every now and then you’ll wander lost and lonely as a bewildered lamb through crowded shop after shop hopelessly in search of something decent to wear. You’re determined that you absolutely must make a purchase but don’t know for sure what.

You bridle at the mere suggestion that you’re simply a stooge of capitalism, brainwashed by glossy advertising and that the funds you’ve allocated for the purpose would be far better spent on a much worthier cause. The only reason you’ve sallied forth on this mission is because that favourite top, the blue one with the pretty pattern and the flattering cut that made you feel so very good about your figure, has finally worn right through. You’ve recognised that it’s time for it to go. But you want to replace it.

The problem is, you bought that one so long ago that fashions have changed several times within that stretch of eighteen months. Nothing looks quite right, the shade of blue is too garish, the drape of the fabric on that one is downright horrible and the pattern on the last one certainly wasn’t what you had in mind. Shake it off though, it’s your preconceptions that are holding you back.

Of course you’re not going to be able to replace what you had before. Why not adopt a new style altogether? Throw the baby out with the bathwater, start afresh and all that? You’ll find something different, something better. You might even want to venture into a brand new colour palette. Although you do look simply ravishing in blue.

Look good in blue – Blondie


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