How To… Sing Your Last Lullaby

We’re in a world rapidly running out of comfort and compassion. It’s simply not a helpful instinct and it’s time and past you purged yourself of these reflexes that will only hold you back in life. But fear not, I’m here to take you by the hand, guide you through and then throw it away in disgust as holding hands is icky.

Prepare yourself, gird your loins and picture the landscape you’re about to enter. It’s a barren wasteland, cold and dead, devoid of all the pretty flowers and trees you’ve been so fond of up until now. Rather than mourning the green life that once was you must recalibrate the way you look at things. As bleak and desolate as it might appear, there will always be resources ready and waiting for you to exploit. Think also of what you have to offer, if you have a special talent then it’s an ideal opportunity to bleed everyone else around you dry. Even if you have to make it up. In that case you’ll need to make something of a speedy getaway.

But before you harden yourself up for this brave new world you have my full permission to surrender to softness just one last time. The stage is ready and lit for you to sing your last lullaby. Think of the audience, be it a tiny human of your own creation, a crowd of fans held in rapture by the sheer beauty of your voice or a random stranger off the streets, tied fast to a chair and powerless to stop you from warbling forth.

Your song selection is important. However softly you might sing, the lyrics are going to have some impact. There are waiting rooms full of slowly rocking traumatised folk who paid just a bit too much attention to the meaning of babies rocking in tree tops and plummeting towards their untimely deaths. So go with something a tiny bit more comforting.

Sing your last lullaby – Felix Hagen & the family


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