How To… Waste a Moment

Procrastination is the watchword among writers. Well, it’s definitely an activity most of us are guilty of indulging in rather more often than we ought to. Then again, when you put projects on the back burner they can bubble away surprisingly to the point where they’re far readier than they might have been if you were sweating away at them all along. That is of course rather an unfortunate image so perhaps we should move on.

With the manifest distractions on offer these days there’s really not much to it when it comes to time wasting. All you need do is innocently check in on your emails but then realise that’s not where you get your important news right now. You’d better have a quick update on your various social media feeds just to be certain that you’re not missing out on anything. From there you may have fallen down the rabbit warren of interesting video links or you could feel it your duty to scan the news headlines. Who knows what sort of inspiration you might stumble upon? You’d be so disappointed if someone else dreamed up an idea you could definitely have come up with and would have earned you the various accolades and portions of fame you deserve.

The problem with the internet is that it’s really rather big. There are vital issues to keep abreast of, memes to critique and various captivating blogs to keep up to date with. You might have wanted to take a quick dip and have found yourself swimming lengths in order to reach some impossible milestone. Or something. However, it’s entirely possible to waste time even without online assistance.

Just look at your bookshelf. No, not the stack of worthy tomes you absolutely keep vowing to get through at some point. Those friendly and familiar volumes stuffed with stories you know by heart and yet cannot help returning to over and again. Only think of the comforting rereading you could be doing right now. Or, I can’t believe this but is that wall over there wet? It’s not alarming condensation or leakage. It’s wet paint! You simply must watch the fascinating process of it drying. What an afternoon you’ll have.

Waste a moment – Kings of Leon


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