How To… Face Your Fears

Everyone’s definitely afraid of something. Even if someone insists they don’t have any frivolous or irrational fears of such fripperies as spiders or heights or the realities of adulthood there will definitely be something. You may have to go so far as to condition them to feel a certain sense of dread when confronted with a particular object or concept but I know you, you’ll get the job done. But we’re getting off track, as much as you’d like to get that special someone in your life to face up to whatever scares them stupid, this is about you. Probably.

So you could go ahead and get stung by a bee (whether or not you have the correct anaphylactic remedy at the ready) but what will that accomplish? I was jabbed right in the middle of the forehead by a swarm of wasps who were jealous of my hair (definitely wasn’t in a dream) and I still can’t function with them in an enclosed space with me (admittedly, I now freeze up rather than flip out. Not that I ever did you know. I can totally cope, it’s fine).

There are plenty of other completely inadvisable activities you could have a crack at. Like lecturing a rampaging bear on the relative virtues of veganism. But I can’t pretend that you’d accomplish anything especially meaningful. You need something ever so slightly more cathartic to get things out in the open. That way you’ll have the social pressures of others to try and confront what’s really going on. Publish them all over the internet, especially on your various social media streams.

This way everyone will know you’re a little cissy pants and may even go ahead and start wafting stuff you’re afraid of right under your nose. Like bananas (not a phobia I understand if I’m being totally honest). It’s the people you love in your life who’ll help you through and definitely won’t enjoy torturing you in the process.

Face your fears – Donna Champlin



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