How To… Step Into My Office, Baby

It’s hardly surprising that this is yet another proposition riddled with the potential for various misunderstandings. For one thing, the company I work for has open plan spaces. If I’m in the mood to invite people I don’t know but am hoping to impress into my workspace they better be in the mood to socialise. And you never know, they might really hit if off and have made some firm friends for life. It’s how all the great modern time stories start. Probably.

Really though, what’s the protocol nowadays with mixing up your professional and home lives? Would it be cool for my mother or boyfriend or whatever to swing by the office? Even if they brought snacks for everyone? Do they have to have an excuse for such a visit like bringing me a bagged lunch or picking up keys? Would they be impressed by my array of tech? Especially as basically everyone else in the company has at least the same number of screens if not two or three more. I don’t even have a phone (it’s freaking glorious).

I’m totally not nervously covering up my social anxiety and complete inability to function when I’m not entirely in possession of every last fact when it comes to etiquette and protocol. Also, it would probably get a bit awkward right now if I published instructions on precisely how to get into my work building on the internet where basically anyone could find them. Does insurance cover that sort of thing? Let’s not find out.

So what I’m saying is that I need for you to wait until I have an office of my very own. At the rate I’m going, it may well be just one in my own house but in a way isn’t that almost better? We can have a lovely cup of tea, a biscuit and a natter. And then forget altogether about whatever business meeting we were totally about to have and just dissolve into gossip and that. I’m totally a business lady.

Step into my office, baby – Belle and Sebastian


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