How To… Tell it to the Beer

Nobody cares. Sorry, that sounded quite harsh didn’t it? What I mean is that when it comes to one of your rambling anecdotes we’ve all heard so very many times before it’s hardly that surprising that no one is interested any more. People just don’t want to be brought down by the sad tale of when a colleague disrespected you or your frustration over what the council is insisting on doing to your bin collections (I don’t really get out much, what do adults moan about nowadays?).

Plenty of people out there simply aren’t going to agree with your perspective on things and we all have better things to do than to get into a protracted debate about the relative benefits of food mixers or preferred presidential candidates. Sometimes you’ll feel the urge to share a thought or a witty remark with those around you. You should, at all costs, resist this impulse at almost any cost.

But do you know who’s always interested in anything and everything you come out with? A chilled out friend who’d never go so far as to answer you back or argue with your firmly held opinions. With a foamy head? We’re getting into strange territories now but I think you understand where you’re coming from. Delicious beer, there isn’t even the merest shadow of a doubt that beer will always be there to listen to you.

So pick a brew, doesn’t especially matter which (it’s all about personal tastes and please don’t worry in the slightest that anyone will judge you if your choice isn’t perfectly aligned to their own taste preferences) and find a secluded corner of your local drinking emporium. And pour your heart out to the beverage in front of you. Forget about the rest of the world and focus in on your conversation with your own drinkable therapist. Also works with tea.

Tell it to the beer – Gaz Brookfield



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