How To… Sell Out

Selling out really isn’t as bad as it sounds. Sure, you’ve sacrificed your freedom, integrity and mortgaged your own sense of self worth but there has to be some variety of material benefit. Otherwise, why would you have done it? You might have secured yourself literally pennies or possibly even pounds if someone deemed your wares worthy. Alternatively, it might have been done for softer benefits or simply because you were tired and unable to go on with the whole charade for any longer.

Of course, there are other possibilities that might in fact have far better connotations than you were expecting. You’ve completely run out of stock thanks to overwhelming demand. Now you’ll have to go and replenish your supplies because folk are champing at the bit to get their hands on even more of your wares. Go you. Naturally, if you’re in such a situation you’re probably not all that fussed about securing my advice so let’s assume it’s the other thing.

Sadly, unfortunately (for you, at any rate), you’ve reached a point of desperation. In an ideal world, you’d prefer to carry on just as you are but it’s simply not paying the bills or whatever. Or you might have been presented with an offer only an idiot would refuse. When this sort of thing happens you can hand over whatever it is of value you possess (a successful brand, a flourishing business, content you’ve been curating for longer than you care to admit) in exchange for whatever your offer consists of.

The hurdle to clear here isn’t necessarily the act itself of selling out. It’s figuring out what you’re going to do once you no longer have any claim to whatever it was you signed away. You can’t be yourself any more and have to fundamentally change what’s going on with you. Some soul searching might be in order or a mind bending bender with the profits you made from that business deal. Totally up to you.

Sell Out – Reel Big Fish


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