Blank Maps Can’t Show Us the Way

You know, duh. A blank map is essentially just a sheet of paper. It’s quite certainly not going to tell you anything whatsoever. Sure, you can confidently stride your way through secure in the knowledge that before long the wrong way will become the right one thanks to your sheer pure magnetism. Or something. Plus, you’ve got a smartphone with GPS included so can not only know precisely where you are at all times but where that is in relation to where you wish to be. Unless the signal runs out on you.

There are times in life when you reach unchartered waters. They might be virgin territory for all concerned (unless you’ve been planet hopping it’s probably more metaphorical than geographical as our earth has been pretty well picked over already) or you could simply have lost the chart (it’s all about perspective isn’t it? That’s what I’ve decided at any rate). It’s up to you to fill in the map so that those that come after you have that much of an advantage, it’s your social duty or whatever.

For example, we’re in a situation of political flux. We’re ready to negotiate the minefield of Brexit. What we keep being told in that ‘Brexit means Brexit’ is a blank map if ever I’ve seen one (also because I haven’t been remotely bothered to find out the various ins and outs of whatever Article 50 entails). We can’t just stumble forwards blindly. Alright, we clearly can but we definitely shouldn’t.

Without a worn path before you what you really ought to do is to dip into the bag of alternative navigation methods. Decide what your guiding light is going to be, orientate you by the light of the sun, get an experienced explorer in to help you to negotiate the road ahead. Whatever you need to do but don’t plunge ahead on nothing but a wing and a prayer out of stubborn bloody mindedness. Prime Minister.

Song choices: Cold Specks, The Goo Goo Dolls and Patrick Doyle


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