I’ll Count Every Stale Song Title

In this digital age (I seem to be coming out with sweeping generalisations about the time we live in, before too long I’ll be letting you know just how much more excellent things were in my day. You know, oblivious to the fact that they weren’t and I’m merely trying to distract myself from various worries about the future), we can amass great collections of data, like music (I know, long run up for a relatively tiny pay-off. I need to improve my segues).

These melodic minutes build up into a massive bolus of fluttering notes and soaring basslines. Or something. And close up you begin to see endlessly repeated motifs. Stuff about beauty and love and sex and death. Heartbreak and hearts numb from previous pain. Almost as if writing a song about it can bring about some variety of catharsis. To turn out something no one else has ever attempted means that sometimes titles have become somewhat unwieldy or more than a little weird. Otherwise, people have simply submitted to the formulaic inevitability of their lyrics.

Sure, I can hardly talk when it comes to accusation of unoriginality. I cannibalise and reappropriate the work of others whenever I see fit like some sort of creative parasite or artistic vampire (as long as that doesn’t sound like I’m building myself up to be something terribly grandiose. I’d hate for you to think I was getting ideas above my station). Then again, I’d like to think that in amongst the incoherent ramblings and fragments that sound rather a lot like something you’ll have heard before are one or two bits and pieces you’ve never heard before. And not simply because of my habit of making words up.

So maybe I should cut artists a little bit of slack. After all, we all deserve time to be allowed to warm up and develop. It’s not as if they’re expecting vast sums of money to what essentially amounts to the first pancake. Or indeed to instances further down the line when they’ve started to phone things in just a little. Ah. Well, we can take solace in the fact that no one’s going to fall for that nonsense, right?

Song choices courtesy of: Rebecca Ferguson and Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.


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