Don’t Torrent Something You’ll Never Find

You know that old telly show you’ve forgotten almost everything about? Sure, you only watched just the one or two episodes a very long time ago. Nevertheless, every now and then something or other will stir a half remembered snippet within you. Of all that nonsense you might have retained it’s the confusion over the dinosaur that stays with you in spite of that faintly medieval setting. Wasn’t there a lady who was loathe to admit that she had robot bits behind her ear? You’re sure that didn’t prevent her from being the primary love interest though.

Of course, there are two or three other fragments that you’re relatively certain can’t be attributed to that particular hidden gem of popular culture but get lumped in with it anyway. A wander through mildly relevant lists on Wikipedia has sadly failed to yield any substantial results. It’s not something you feel confident enough about to mention to others even if such reminiscing might uncover what you’ve been searching for.

This complete gap in your memory is a real frustration to you. Especially in our modern age of being able to beam almost any entertainment from past and present to your personal box at the tap of a button. I suppose you’ll simply never know for sure whether it was real or cobbling together of bits and pieces to produce invented fiction courtesy of your tiny and slightly confused child mind. Never mind, I’m sure you’ll find a way to shoulder the burden.

What I do suggest rather emphatically is that you don’t waste any more time searching for something you really won’t ever be able to find. It’s not a challenge, the completion of this particular achievement will be ultimately a lot more hollow than you could possibly have expected. The mysteries you’ve crafted around whatever truth there might have been will render the final piece of storytelling totally unable to live up to expectations. You might have solved it once and for all but it won’t make you happy. Also, pirating stuff over the internet is bad. Naughty you. Don’t download. And that.

Song choices courtesy of: Weird Al Yankovic, Asgeir and the Barenaked Ladies



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