The Last Movie Before Goodbye

I’m sure I’m expressed such concerns before but a few of the trends we’re heading down are faintly worrisome. What’s this sudden vendetta against headphones? The inexorable plunge towards increasingly unsuitable political figures. And yet more of the greatest (or otherwise) hits of my various moans. And then there’s book splitting, a phenomenon we’re all too familiar with but which still rankles. I’m sure you’ve noticed that they’ve been splitting books into multiple films.

It reached something of a point for me when the teeny tininess of The Hobbit was divvied up into three entirely too long films. Or perhaps I simply have a vendetta against the works of Mr Tolkien. After all, it’s hardly as if I minded when A Song of Ice and Fire was translated into hours on end of television. Somehow it’s different when it’s not cinematic instalments.

Reaching the end of a sprawling franchise can be a surprisingly big deal. Consider the Harry Potter series. Sure, it keeps re-emerging like virulent herpes but way back then we were poised to emotionally bid farewell to a larger part of our lives than some would care to admit. Folk my age might have camped up in anticipation of the next book release. The memory of whipping through the last novel will forever be entwined with the torrential flooding of ’07 that saw my mother and I camped out in Sainsbury’s car park rather than brave a waterlogged motorway. And prior to that I got to be smug that I knew Dumbledore was dead way before some of my contemporaries.

But then they decided to split that last narrative into more films than it warranted. It’s a slippery slope we’re not likely to return from. So now the last movie before goodbye, the glorious send off that will more like than not have a climactic battle and the payoff you’ve been craving, you’ll have to slog through one that’s more set-up than anything else. Is it worth it to be able to spend twice as much time in the company of beloved characters? The jury’s still out on that one I’m afraid.

Song choices courtesy of: Passenger, Laura Marling and Nina Nesbitt


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