All I Want is the Last Chronicles Before the Snowstorm

If you pay attention to the old tales and accept them as true then you’ll know that there was once a time when the world was far from just a swirling mass of white. Before the snows descended there were shades of green and brown and grey and almost everything else in between. Our lands were a very different place to live.

We’ve adapted of course, as humans are so wont to do. We strapped on our snow shoes and dug out our trusty shovels. As usual, we continued to wreak our will on an unsuspecting landscape. However, it was all rather more altered than we might have wished to admit. Or so the legends say. Nowadays, our young come to accept the world as they find it without so much as imagining that it was ever different to how it appears around them. It’s not a bad life, chilly but we’ve endeavoured to create new routes to the various creature comforts we once enjoyed.

But I want more. There must be a way to get back to the climate as it was. Or maybe not precisely how it was because the nature of these things. You secretly (or otherwise) think I’m mad don’t you? For me to go and suggest that there was such a thing as a time before the ice would be perfectly insane. Well, not exactly perfect, that would be a case of me getting ideas above my station. It’s hardly as if I am the epitome, let alone states of mental health or anything to that particular degree. Now, I’m rambling and might well run into the dangerous territory of convincing you I’m several shades more deranged than I really am. Just, fetch me the books will you? I promise it’s absolutely no forbidden or anything.

Seriously, there’s nothing else I could possibly want besides. What would I do with fame, wealth or any such nonsense?

Song choices courtesy of: The Moldy Peaches, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly and Benjamin Francis Leftwich

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