Fighting to Save Stubborn Ohio

I’ve done some spectacularly bad planning. I’m not entirely sure if I’ve let you in on this already but I need to discuss it as a jumping point anyway and since when have I shown that much concern as to what you may or may not find interesting? Exactly. I’m definitely enjoying the monthly cycling formats which will do for the moment (especially as I haven’t had a fresh brainwave on how to successfully generate daily content for a little while now). I’ve seamlessly switched from my old favourite of how to song title articles to newspaper headline mash ups and now on to this one which I’ll freely admit can be a little bit more hit and miss.

In a few weeks I’ll fire up the song list to wring more informative writings out of the wisdom of various artists. I might be able to disappear at some point during October for a holiday and I can leave a cache of already scheduled posts behind me (it’s not cheating, honest. I even made allowances for such situations in the entirely arbitrary rules I made up). And then, just at the beginning at November we’re back to looking at what the papers have to say. Oh. Dear. We’re gearing up to one of the most apocalyptic lose-lose scenarios since the instigation of the last world war. I’m definitely not overstating it. And I’m going to have no choice but to write about it.

Of course, I’m a dyed in the wool socialist liberal who reckons that healthcare and education should be freely available to all those who seek it even if that means sacrificing a higher percentage of my monthly pay packet. Therefore, I’m pre-programmed to dislike Trump and lean towards any candidate the Democrats manage to provide. Plus, my lady bits would be proud to see a similarly encumbered individual mount the podium of power.

It just looks like, yet again this year, a decision isn’t going to go my way. It’s really quite tiresome. What can I do though? Are certain bull headed swing states remotely likely to pay attention to what a stroppy blogger the other side of the pond has to say? Almost certainly not. But it’s just so far away and plane tickets are really expensive. Plus, more charismatic folk than I have tried to dissuade them to no avail thus far. I’m simply going to have to get wishing on those magic beans I bartered for recently.

Song choices courtesy of: Nil Lara, Murray Gold, The Lumineers and Bowling for Soup



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