I’m Still Cosmic Legends

As a species, we put ourselves out there a hell of a lot more than we might have imagined. Not with one another of course, especially not among the British. We’ll blush at the merest suggestion of anything racy. In public at any rate. And what goes on behind closed doors is simply no one else’s business thank you very much indeed. Now, where was I before I got all defensive.

Ah yes, we’re really rather obsessed with the notion of aliens. Some get wrapped up in the supposed threat of humans from foreign shores and others turn their attention outwards into the reaches of the unknown in space. There were those who determined to go even further and project out a snippet or two of our culture, messages, music and even a representation (idealised or otherwise) of what we actually look like. Sure, some would rather disguise our presence to the rest of the galaxy through the employment of massive lasers but that’s a problem for another day.

Because I’m totes amaze and that, I was selected for a super secret beaming into the vast depths of space. You definitely won’t have heard of it even though it’s definitely true. Some of my learned writings were taken down and fired off into the seeming black. Naturally, various alien races picked up on them and seized upon the opportunity to publish a few volumes of scripture based on my fantastic phrase.

This was a little while ago now but I’m sure you’ll be all too pleased to learn that it wasn’t a passing fad or anything so pedestrian. In fact, based on the accelerated nature of their life cycles and society, I’ve already morphed into legend within their culture. Now, before you go thinking that you can begin to pass yourself off as some sort of extra-terrestrial goddess, bear in mind that you’ll absolutely need to be at least half as insightful and graceful as I am. So there.

Song choices courtesy of: Vertical Horizon, Florence + the Machine and Patrick Doyle



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