I Can Fly Down to the Ground

Admittedly, when you’re trying to do anything whatsoever down to the ground gravity is very much on your side. Were you having a totally earnest go at leaping into orbit or even just somewhere above the clouds well, even with the very best will in the world, you’re going to run into one or two difficulties. Not that I’m trying to denigrate my own achievements before we’ve even begun. As with absolutely anything I do, you ought to stand back, highly impressed and take notes in order to have a stab at emulating my actions in your own behaviour.

After all, my claim didn’t state anything to do with plummeting headfirst into the ground. This isn’t a fiery crash off the edge of a cliff with screams and such aplenty. No, I can totally definitely fly. You’re looking at me with what I can only describe as a highly sceptic incredulity plastered all over your face. Just because you’re jealous that you’re utterly unable to carry off such a masterful feat of your own.

I’ll tell you this for free, neither pixie dust nor a magic feather are involved. I haven’t developed wings all of a sudden (although, you know that if I did they’d be fabulous, luxurious and more likely to be fashioned from feathers than something of a more insectoid base. Oh, imagine the glorious mighty and largely hypothetical flying aids and weep tears of sheer envy). What you’ve completely underestimated is the power of the mind.

Think of little sugar pills wrapped up in a layer of faintly scientific mysticism. Folk believe that they work and sometimes occasionally to a slight extent they might work. Just a bit. Therefore, if I believe that I can fly under the precise correct set of circumstances then I just might be able to do so. Go on, prove me wrong. I’ll meet you somewhere slightly high up and you’ll have to wipe that smug smirk off your face when I float on gently down to the ground. Or I break my leg. One of those.

Song choices courtesy of: John Williams and Sweet Thing


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