Leaving Fools in the Dark

It sounds a bit harsh doesn’t it? Of course it does. Not only are you labelling someone as something downright derogatory but you’re wilfully leaving them out of the loop. Why on earth would you do such a thing? Perhaps you didn’t feel that you received enough love as a child and therefore look for ways that ensure you can feel infinitely superior over the dregs that make up your various social circles.

On the other hand, it might not be anything quite so pathetic. They do say, after all, that ignorance is bliss so maybe you’re simply doing your bit to keep the world that much more carefree. The poor wee mentally subnorms don’t need to know anything that might bother their pretty little heads. How would they cope with knowing what you do about the state of the economy, climate and fore coming terrors approaching courtesy of certain political processes?

Whatever your motives, malignant or benign, leaving fools in the dark really isn’t all that difficult. For one thing, their incredulity settings will be naturally set very low indeed. If you tell them that they’re not allowed to switch the lights back on because their fingers will explode or similar nonsense they might just believe you. It doesn’t take a huge amount to pull the wool over their eyes. The especially dim ones will probably even be all too happy to help you in such an endeavour.

The key thing is to provide them with sufficient entertainment or mystery to keep them occupied. Lead them to a small overlooked corner of the world and supply them with a puzzle. Something not too complicated mind, they should have to work out who keeps stealing the biscuits or precisely how many ceiling tiles there are rather than having to solve something more momentous like the issue of world hunger. Leave them be and you can go ahead with your world domination plans with them absolutely none the wiser.

Song choices courtesy of: Greg Edmondson, Lauren Aquilina and Mumford and Sons


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