Show Me Your Sierra’s Mystery

In an increasingly literal world I can’t quite help but feel we no longer go in for as high a quality of euphemism as we used to. When I ask you (not you, specifically. I mean, we have a good time together, I’m terribly pleased and all manner of gratified that you pay as much attention to me as you do but I just don’t think our relationship should take that sort of turn. As much as I don’t especially enjoy a cliche – we’ll get onto my feelings about euphemisms in a bit but they’re just so very much more fun – can we simply be friends?) to show me your Sierra’s mystery you can’t be sure what I mean.

Of course, non verbal communication is ever so important in this variety of situation. If the request is accompanied by a lascivious wink and a cheeky lick of the lips then you’re justified in feeling really rather uncomfortable. Should the question come with hushed whispers and general trepidation then you know there’s something genuinely intriguing going down. Sure, you might experience the sensation of goosebumps but you’ll be unable to shake the notion that something momentous is about to occur.

One thing you may well feel is general confusion. Who on earth is Sierra and what’s going on in her life that makes it so much more interesting than yours? And just what would be the connection between you? Up until now the only Sierra you were aware of in particular was the one who represents the letter it begins with in the phonetic alphabet. But you’re a clever sort, I’m certain you’ll be able to figure it out for yourself if you put your mind to it. Any road up, go on and show me your Sierra’s mystery. I won’t tell anyone, honest.

Song choices courtesy of: Christophe Beck and Rob Simonsen


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